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Nostalgia Infinite

Nostalgia Infinite

by Aviscerall

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Nostalgia Infinite is a milestone for me as an Artist. I'm releasing this at the beginning of the new year (2015) as I (Aviscerall) feel like this a rebirth of my style as a hiphop artist. It's more traditional hip hop now, but at the same time powerful, and full of feeling. This album means a lot to me, since it's the first project I sat down, and took seriously. I worked very hard on this, until I achieved a sound I really wanted to express and share. It's also very inspired by my favorite hip hop artists, Nujabes, J Dilla, Crystal Tokyo, and Vanilla, so there is a lot of influence from these guys, but yet I feel it is all still unique to myself. Anyways, that's enough insight to the album. I really hope you enjoy this album as much as I do, and thank you for taking the time to listen, and support me!

- Aviscerall

Special Thanks To:
Daniel Gomez: For giving me so much input on this project, and being such a good pal.
Nujabes, J Dilla, Crytal Tokyo, Vanilla: For inspiring me to make the hip hop that I make today, and keep making amazing hip hop themselves. (Nujabes and J Dilla RIP)
Crystal Tokyo - For being a great buddy, and helping me develop as an artist
T, Nick, Nick, Sam - For being a great buddies, and helping me develop as an artist
Cory Shuman - For being a great buddy, and always giving me honest feedback on my music
Crystal Tokyo, T - For being part of this project, and helping me develop it. These guys are awesome, thanks so much!

Samples Used:
Beets - Klaus Neumaier, Piano Moods 1
Late Nights - Klaus Neumaier, Piano Movement 1
Goodbye - Us Army Blues, Bayou Farewell
Scattered Dreams - Kingdom Hearts, Dearly Beloved
Whatever You Want - Bob Acri, Sleep Away
Mountains - Peter Johnston, La Ere Gymnopedie
The Darkest Hour - Persona 3, Memories Of The School
Gatomon Sleeps Tonight - Digimon World, File City(Night)
Stuck In Dreamland - Kirby SuperStar, Milky Way Wishes
Gotta Believe - Parrapa The Rapper, Games Opening
To Be A Man - Dont Be A Menace/Donald Byrd, Kofi
Keeping It Real - Charles Bradley, I Believe In Your Love
Us - Ojays, You And Me
Zaduu - Tatsuro Yamashita, Amaku Kiken Na Kaori
Stay Positive Babe - Hall And Oates, Sara Smile
The End Of The Show - Dexter Wansel, Time Is The Teacher

Album Art by the beautiful and amazing Leah Garza. Completed Art is coming once the album is released!


released January 5, 2015




Aviscerall Long Beach, California

I'm a programmer, skateboarder, internet surfer, hip hop producer and artist. Currently Attending CSULB

Nostalgia Infinite Records.

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